The ultimate solution for your factory.

Fusheng Machinery Turn-key Solution

Fusheng Machinery provides the ultimate turn-key service for your planning factory or production line. We will work as a general contractor in charge of the design, optimization, procurement, installation, debugging and maintenance of the printing line. We can help to find suppliers of consumables and raw materials. 

The 15+ years of experience focusing in the metal decorating industry itself have benefited us in knowledge and also global cooperation networks a lot. Through our turn-key serivice, all you have to do is start the machine and it will be all set up for you.

15+ years of experience in the field

A professional and trusted contractor.

Reliable and trusted cooperation network

We proceed our work with strong and close cooperative relationships with multiple partners that cover all fields of the industry.

All-process service

We make everything ready, from presses to consumables.