Aluminium cans using a novel tactile finish have been developed by Canpack to pack a range of sparkling wines from Slovakian winemaker Víno Matyšák.

The 250ml slim cans of Cabernet Sauvignon Frizzante and Müller-Thurgau Frizzante feature an etched outline of the vineyard and the town of Pezinok, where it is based. On top of this is a layered tactile varnish. Canpack said Víno Matyšák’s brief was to celebrate the heritage of the brand while appealing to a younger adult audience.

“The use of our tactile effect enhances the outlines on the can and creates a complex touch and feel experience at the consumer’s fingertips,” said Canpack’s commercial chief Stephen McAneny. “This has allowed Víno Matyšák to capitalise on the increasing trend for canned wine, while preserving its rich heritage.”

Canmakers are capitalising on the growth in demand for canned wines over the past couple of years, developing new formats and decoration techniques to appeal to the market. This is in addition to developing the application of the special internal coatings necessary to help preserve the acidic contents.

Coronavirus lockdowns and the emphasis on at-home consumption and outside drinking enhanced growth of the sector. Cans are favoured among wine consumers for their sustainability, portability and moderate serving sizes. Decorated cans are particularly attractive to a younger demographic, too.

Víno Matyšák’s marketing manager Michal Sivko said the cans helped the brand differentiate itself in the single-serve wine market, which he described as “revolutionary”.

“Thanks to Canpack’s innovative technologies, we’ve been able to exploit this growing trend of being able to enjoy quality wine in any location,” Sivko said.

Family-owned Víno Matyšák was founded in 1991 and moved to its current site, a 300-year-old winery in Pezinok, two years ago.

The area, which is close to Slovakia’s south-west border with Austria, is famous for its wines. Víno Matyšák sources its grapes locally from the Small Carpathian and South Slovak wine regions.

As well as the tactile effect, Canpack also offers matt decoration, which is used by a range of canned beverage brands to enhance their shelf appeal. Polish craft brewer Trzech Kumpli, Latvian beverage maker JSC Cesu Alus’ Johan Freitag gin cocktails and Ukrainian mineral water brand Borjormi have all harnessed the technique.