A resealable beverage end could soon be commercialised by a US-based company that specialises in label printing and shrink sleeves for drinks cans.

Augusta Label + Packaging says the resealable end is “perfect for the craft beer and tea brewers, canned cocktails, the cannabis drinks market, along with canned coffee, and more”.

The patented design features what appears to be a tamper-evident plastic device that can be opened and reclosed, providing an air-tight seal. As such it joins other designs, such as the XO from Xolution in Germany, which has been used in the drinks industry for a number of years, and Ball’s BRE, in using a plastic-metal combination.

Augusta Label + Packaging says on its web site that the resealable ends are in stock and ready to ship from its Illinois base. The site also says that the ends will run on canning lines without need for modifications. Certification for retorting and pasteurisation is being obtained.

Other resealable end designs that are being readied for commercial launch include the Click Cap from Austria-based developer Top Cap Holding, and Sav-Ty, whose intellectual property is owned by Save-ty Can Cap BV of the Netherlands.

An all-metal alternative is the CanReseal Ring-End (CRE), a prototype of which was first described by The Canmaker in 2016, provides a full-aperture opening to make drinking and pouring easier, says its developer, Florida-based Canovation.