Technology of offset printing is at a higher level than other printing techniques because:

  • Long – lasting Excellent Quality End Result – different techniques present undetermined stage of quality, which is not case here. Precise, clean and clear illustrations can be predicted just about with every printing job due to the reason that the fine layer of rubber adheres to the printing surface.
  • Fast and simple construction of printing plates.
  • Durability of Printing Plates – usually the plates in offset techniques lasts for a good amount of time for the reason that print surface and printing plate doesn’t come into straight interaction.
  • Investment – Offset printing is known as most inexpensive technique to create excellent quality printed product in industrial quantities.

    Weaknesses of offset printing when compared to different printing techniques involve:

    • Time period Limitations  – in case you have an urgent printing job , offset printing will possibly not provide a immediate service. It involves time and energy to set-up the printing machine. Also printing plates must be developed first before we put them on a machine. So better solution in this case is Digital offset.
    • Sensitivity of the plates – aluminum plates can become sensitive due to some chemical reaction and that leads to having print on non-image spots of the plate.
    • To some extent lower quality of printed product matched against rotogravure printing.