Tinplate inner coating is a special kind of coating, mainly used to protect tinplate material from corrosion and avoid rust. This paint is also known as iron printing ink or iron printing paint, and it is composed of a variety of ingredients, including paint bases, pigments, solvents and auxiliaries. Common base resins include epoxy phenolic, alkyd, epoxy vinegar, acrylic acid and polyvinegar. These coatings have good post-processing performance, can withstand stamping, winding and other processing without damage, and have the characteristics of cooking resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other media, and have a certain decorative effect. This type of coating is often used to print a variety of cans and bottle caps, such as food cans, beverage cans, spray cans, as well as anti-theft caps and crown caps. 

In addition, there is a special food safety grade of paint, is also applied inside the tinplate box packaging, the main role of this paint is to prevent the tinplate packaging items erosion of the inner wall, to prevent tinplate rust, to avoid food contamination, and to help extend the storage time of food.