DEL UV LED Curing – Type D020 III

The Future 's LED.

DEL UV LED Curing System – Type D020 III

Type D020 III is our latest model of UV LED curing system and is designed for the highest industrial requirements. In this model we introduced a whole new redesigned outline that exhibits mechanical aesthetics as well as ergonomics. The modular design gives full flexibility in the installation, moving and maintenance of the machine. D020 III also features a unique cloud system that uploads production information and error reports online thus enables real-time surveillance and evaluations of production for easy management. The DEL Could System also allows on-machine remote service that enables us to provide fast response and instant assist for you. The conveying system is redesigned for a stabler and smoother transport of the sheets while the coverage is expanded to cover most areas of the system for better safety guarantee.

High energy efficient light source
No warm-up phase needed
Flexible & compact configuration
Stable conveying structure
Longer servicing life

Field of Application

This system provides coating/varnishing and curing before or after printing on metal surfaces of beverage cans, food cans, aerosol cans, chemical pails or cans, lids, metal sheets as well as other metal sheet packages. It is the essential system for metal offset decorating.

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