DEL Improves UV LED Curing in Metal Packaging


Chinese metal curing equipment provider DEL Technology Corporation has released an improved version of its UV LED curing system, which provides more powerful curing without increasing energy consumption. 

The D020 III features an LED secondary optical design that helps the UV light to be better focused, resulting in stronger UV energy at the same power consumption level.   

DEL also redesigned the cooling system to prolong the LED chips’ lifetime. Using independent water-refrigeration technology through micro-channels, each LED chip is fully and uniformly cooled. As UV LED systems do not require preheating, it also helps with reducing production downtime significantly, says the company. 

The D020 III comes integrated with a brand-new conveyor system for steadier and smoother sheet conveying. 

The system, which is compatible with a variety of presses, includes a curing unit, an inspection unit and a servo stacker. Developed in a modular format, it offers simpler maintenance and repairing. A cloud service function is installed to provide real-time production information and error reports, which are also available through a mobile application.