DEL Coating & Varnishing Line

The All-in-one selection

DEL Coating, Varnishing & Curing Line

This system provides coating/varnishing and curing before/after printing on metal surfaces of beverage cans, food cans, aerosol cans, chemical pails or cans, lids, drums, metal sheets as well as other metal sheet packages. It is the essential system for metal offset decorating.

The whole system is consisted of Leveling Unit, UV LED Curing Unit, End Lamp Curing Unit, Cooling Unit, Inspection Unit, Servo Stacker. Also equipped with DEL Smart Control System and DEL Cloud Service.

Low operational costs
Continuous varnishing
Compatible for multi brands
Less manpower needed
  • - More environment-friendly and energy-efficient compared to thermal drying ovens and UV mercury lamps
  • - Proper design of functional units to achieve simplified operation and economization on manpower
  • - Continuous varnishing ability to simplify process, raise efficiency and reduce potential scratches on sheets.
  • - Flexible and compact configuration and outline to save space
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