An in-line counter-pressure canning system for carbonated craft drinks has been added to the range of equipment available from Pneumatic Scale Angelus, part of Barry-Wehmiller Packaging Systems.

The CB50C features an integrated six-head filler and single-head can seamer, rated for continuous operation at speeds of up to 50 cans per minute. It is specifically targeted at the growing demand for hard seltzers, ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails, sparkling wine and higher-carbonated beer.

Counter-pressure technology allows the filling of highly carbonated beverages by maintaining equivalent pressure in the can being filled and the product tank supplying it. Maintaining this pressure prevents breakout, or excess foaming, that releases carbon dioxide and lowers carbonation.

True isobaric filling, with the fill tank located above the filling heads, ensures the product is gravity-fed rather than being pumped upward, ensuring less product agitation for a smoother fill and lower carbon dioxide loss, the company claims.