The main equipment for the processing of iron boxes and iron cans are: various stamping presses, shearing machines and other auxiliary equipment. The punching machine is a processing and forming method that uses the pressure machine and the mold to exert pressure on the tinplate to press it into the shape and size required by the mold. The shearing machine is mainly used to cut the tinplate material to meet the stamping specifications, and separate the tinplate from the plate base material with the press. It is a stamping method that obtains a certain shape of the parts or billets by blanking.

In addition, there are some iron boxes with special structures, such as seamless welding iron boxes and iron cans, which require welding equipment; There are also some iron boxes and cans that are bulging in the middle, which requires the use of expansion equipment. Each time a process is added to the processing of iron cans and iron boxes, there will be corresponding equipment to achieve it.