Products printed in the cold-set web offset process include newspapers, journals, directories, business
forms, and books with nothing but text or only a few illustrations. Printing in cold-set web offset is done
mainly on uncoated wood-containing paper or recycled waste paper, which are fairly absorbent.
The ink used for cold-set dries through oxidation or adsorption by the paper, but the drying can be
expedited with the help of an IR-dryer, especially when printing on coated paper. The IR-dryer is most
often installed after all the inks have been printed on the substrate.
When printing forms, which happens in narrow web presses, even UV-drying inks can be used. These
inks require special UV-dryers to harden the ink, and drying is done after printing each color. In presses
for printing forms, the ink is usually added manually, but it also happens that it is pumped to the printing.