Although the plate making of iron printing has the same aspects as offset printing plate making, there are different requirements in the process. Because iron printing is for the outer packaging of metal containers or products, it is necessary to understand the basic characteristics of metal packaging containers, such as oil cans, plate making should consider the requirements of blank resistance welding, and there is a certain distance between the patterns. The product can be easily cut, high-frequency welds and canning after iron printing, such as battery casings. To arrange as many pieces as possible within the specified tinplate size range, the fork should be easy to cut and punch the battery housing. In addition, candy boxes, to understand the size of the blanking knife edge of the box cover, and accordingly leave a certain amount of leftover material, otherwise it will bring trouble to the punching of the box cover. Under normal circumstances, according to the customer to provide film and paper samples, before the official start of printing. Proofing is a way to simulate the production of tinplate specifications, paint, ink selection, must be determined in the proofing after the iron sample, after the customer confirmed the sample can be used as a formal printing sample.