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Used Machinery. Uncompromised performance.
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Evironmental Responsibility
Towards a path of greener metal decorating.
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Used Offset Press

Fully reconditoned

100% Performance

We deal reconditioned offset metal decorating presses with 100% performance worldwide.
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UV LED Curing System

200+ lines installed

The future's LED

We strive to bring the curing technology in metal printing industry to the next level.
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Consulting & Services

Serve clients worldwide

You can always count on us!

We provide services that cover all aspects in the metal printing industry and we can help you to build your line out of zero.
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Fusheng Machinery

Printing the future.

15-year experience in the field
High reliability & performance
Customization on your demand
Complete solution portfolio
Trained metal decorating experts
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Innovation and technology is the core of our competetivity.


We own multiple national patents related to metal printing.


We strive to come up with the most eco-friendly solution.


We treat business integrity as important as our life.

Used Printing Press

Printing the future.


The future's LED.


Our knowledge is yours.


Our knowledge will help you to solve any challenge, tangible or intangible.

Updrade & Retrofit

Want to make the machines rejuvenated? We are to make them to the best condition.

Turnkey Project

We are capable to deign the full production line for you and help you train your team.

Remote Service

With on-machine DEL Cloud System, get problem solved instantly.


Juven Technology

UV LED Lamp provider

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